Your child attends physical therapy every week and you know there is so much potential just waiting to emerge. The progress is slow and you wish you had a way to propel your child’s physical progress. The catalyst that you have been seeking is at NAPA Center, located near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The NAPA center offers intensive suit therapy, hourly physical therapy, occupational therapy, auditory training, and sensory integration.

IMOT (Intensive Method of Therapy) is an intensive approach to physical therapy consisting of 60 or 90 hours of vigorous therapy in just 3 weeks using the NeuroSuit, Multifunctional Therapy Units and a variety of other equipment. This highly effective method of treatment uses cutting edge methods to challenge the child and achieve new physical abilities. The NeuroSuit utilizes technology originally from the Russian space program to fight the effects of weightlessness. The NeuroSuit helps hold the patient’s body in correct alignment and adds additional weight bearing through the use of bungee type bands that are attached on the suit. The 3-week intensive program is based on strengthening and conditioning, decreasing alignment 4 to 6 hours per day, 5 days per week for 3 weeks.

A unique feature of the IMOT program is having the time to thoroughly prepare the patient to exercise. Time is also spent in the Multifunctional Therapy Unit (MTU) which is a highly effective method of strengthening, increasing endurance, balance, and functional skills such as kneeling or sitting to standing with less assistance.

The compression received in the NeuroSuit provides strong feedback from the muscles to and from the brain and spinal cord. As a result, new pathways are established and new movements and skills begin to occur. The results are often very rapid and long lasting even after the session has ended. They gain strength and stamina that leads to success!

NAPA Center
11840 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90250

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Polfit Wellness
A unique European-style fitness center for children and teens with motor disorders.

Polfit Wellness Inc. provides an intensive programs by experienced and dedicated trainers using techniques, such as therasuit, spider web apparatus therapy, and the UGUL Cage for children and teens with Neuromuscular-skeletal disorders. Their program also provides a Doctor of Chiropractic assisting the intensive program with manipulation and mobilization to enhance treatment with biomechanical corrections. A recommended course of session includes 4 1/2 hour of intensive program for a month (20 working days). This program should be repeated 2-3 times each year with the goal in mind to continually improve the child’s range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, overall ability and function.
Polfit Wellness, Inc.
2563 W. Woodland Dr.
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 828-1293

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Kolchins/Thomas Infant Development Services (K.I.D.S.)
The K.I.D.S. program offers specialized therapy to address the developmental needs of infants and toddlers who may be at risk for delays or have disabilities.

They provide quality individualized services to children from birth to three years old.  Most sessions take place in the young child’s home where research has shown the most potential for learning to occur.  Children feel relaxed, secure, and comfortable in their homes.  There, relationships between therapist, parent, and child form naturally.

Their highly trained therapists provide one-on-one sessions with child and parent during the most critical years of development.
The K.I.D.S. Program
Administrative Offices
26560 Agoura Road, Suite 110B
Calabasas, CA  91302
818.880.1360 fax
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Center for Developing Kids is a pediatric therapy clinic that provides occupational, physical, speech therapy, and nutrition services for children from birth through mid teens. Their therapists have advanced training in pediatrics and provide intervention for diagnoses and disorders including but not limited to:
 • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
 • Prematurity
 • High Risk Infants
 • Developmental Delay
 • Neuromuscular Disorder
 • Sensory Integrative Dysfunction
 • Feeding/Oral Motor Difficulty
 • Speech and Language Delay
 • Genetic Disorders
 • Attention Deficit Disorder
 • Disorders of Social Interaction and Communication.

Center for Developing Kids, Inc.
200 E. Del Mar Blvd., Suite 112
Pasadena, CA 91105

(626) 564-2700
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Helping children with special needs achieve a brighter future one milestone at a time.
Pediatric Therapy Network is a nonprofit therapeutic and educational center with a family centered approach that provides the highest quality occupational, speech/language and physical therapy to children with special needs.The application of sensory integration therapy is a cornerstone of the intervention they provide for 1200 children each week with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other developmental conditions. Pediatric Therapy Network has created an atmosphere of respect and integrity that supports the most optimal outcomes for their children and families.
Pediatric Therapy Network
1815 W 213th St. Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-0276

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Pediatric Therapy Center uses a team approach that combines the knowledge and creativity of Occupational, Speech-Language and Physical Therapists to meet each child's specific therapy needs. The team believes it is important to work through a child's strengths to build up their weaknesses. They focus on the child's community.
They evaluate and treat children birth to 19 years of age and provide clinic-based, home-based, or school-based therapy depending upon the needs of the child. Children can be referred by physicians, nurses, teachers, concerned parents, and County supported agencies.
Pediatric Therapy Center
8050 Soquel Drive, Suites A-B
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 684-1804
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Movement Discoveries is a pediatric therapy center that offers traditional and specialized therapies for children.

Their mission is to help children with special needs maximize their potential by providing effective therapy programs that increase independence, develop and enhance functional skills, and accelerate progress.

They are Northern California’s first and leading provider of intensive physical therapy program for children with
Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Developmental Delays, Spinal Cord Injuries, Genetic Disorders, Coordination and Balance Disorders and Orthopedic Conditions.

They have been providing pediatric therapy services in the San Francisco Bay Area for over five years and their services have expanded to now include Aquatic Therapy, Infant Early Intervention, and
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Movement Discoveries 
822 Mahler Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

(800) 537-1522 or (650) 652-1700
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The mission at Advanced Therapy Solutions is to offer the children and families of Connecticut premium therapy services at affordable rates.  Utilizing an encompassing approach, each aspect of a child's life is carefully examined to ensure a comprehensive therapy plan.   
Their therapists are licensed and trained to provide therapy at the specialty outpatient clinic, school systems, home and within other natural environments. 
It is their passion to educate caregivers, educational and medical professionals with respect to your child's therapy plan and recommendations to ensure longevity and generalization of therapeutic gains.

Advanced Therapy Solutions
465 Silas Deane Highway, 2nd Floor
Wethersfield, CT 06109

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Pediatric Therapy Associates (PTA) was established in 1983 to provide physical, speech and language, oral motor/feeding therapy, occupational/fine motor therapy to infants and children. PTA is committed to providing a comprehensive therapeutic program within a team approach for children with special needs and their families. Directors: Suzanne M. Davis, RPT Monica Wojcik, MS, CCC-SLP

PTA was recommended by Joy Huguet, a highly respected physical therapist in Southern California.

Main Office:
PTA Family Care Center
447 NW 73rd Avenue
Plantation, FL 33317
(954) 583-7383

Delray Office:
4733 W. Atlantic Ave
Bldg. C, Suite 21
Delray Beach, FL 33445
(561) 381-3898

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